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Wise Gals Organics - Facial Steam

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Herb blend


A special blend of herbs such as rose petals, lavender, oat groats, and others that will nourish your skin.



  1. Remove all makeup, cleanse face and neck well.
  2. Add at least a tablespoon of herb into a med sized pot of simmering water. When water starts to roll, transfer into a wide/shallow bowl.
  3. Place a large bath towel over your head creating a tent over the bowl to trap in steam.
  4. Make sure to keep enough space from the hot water to prevent any burning. This should be relaxing, not uncomfortable.
  5. Remain in the steam for at least 3~5 minutes.
  6. Pat dry and apply our astringent, then moisturizer for max benefit.


$2.50/1 oz.



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